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DulceDomum: Vivian Reid by Paulagirl93
DulceDomum: Vivian Reid
Name: Vivian Elizabeth Reid
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9" [175.26 cm] -- 5'11" in heels
Weight: 158 lbs
Age: 25
DOB: September 1st, 2008 - Virgo
Wizard Parent: Carter Reid(6th generation wizard) | Base: Wind | (DOB: February 9th, 1830)
-A sixth Generation wind-based wizard, he had learned much about the Redstone family through his grandmother on his mother's side since the latter didn't prove to show any magical qualities. Bit of a late-bloomer himself, Carter's first spirit didn't make a pact with him until he was nearing his late teens since none of the other spirits fitted well enough with his personality. Since then he spent the majority of his years traveling the globe, to not only find other spirits but to also indulge himself with the changing world around him. He made sure to keep in contact with the main house, to train and become somewhat of a master, but he was a bit foolhardy and outspoken in his endeavors. After making a pact with his second spirit, this one being a water spirit, he met up with with one of his mortal friends, Orithiya, and developed a brotherhood like bond with her--nothing romantic, they were just good friends. Her family was also a part of a pact-agreement that their families shared with each other, as the his friend's family was from a long line of Guardians and Carter was from one of the last Wizard's Ancestor's  lines. Sometime back the agreement was made so that at least whenever they were around each other to keep a watch over, as the original two who started this agreement were indeed a wizard and guardian pair--though they were only friends but shared the actual pact, which is what their family pact was based off of for the remaining generations.. It wasn't the actual Wizard-Guardian pact, but it felt quite close enough to be one.

It wasn't until in the late 1980's to  early 1990's during Carter's latest expedition of going about as a history professor did he meet a young woman he found common ground in. Her name was Minerva. He also met his first light spirit around the same time and felt that this was probably a sign to "slow down a bit." They later married and soon had a young girl together, naming her Vivian. Out of concern that his new small family would be in trouble, Carter kept making plans here and there to keep them out of the sight an range of monsters, shadows, and more importantly the knights. Two magical beings would have a stronger aura if they were in the same place rather it being just one. It worked for a few years, but didn't last for very long and his wife was caught by the shadows.

After her death Carter decided the less Vivian knew about magic, the better off she'd be and wouldn't be caught. He tried his best to make her upbringing be as normal as he could, but magic has it's own way of slipping out...

Spirit Information:
Base Element: Fire

Bullet; Red=First Spirit=Bullet; Red
Name: Sir Agnitus of Pyrrhus
--Simply Agnitus is fine.
Element: Fire
Tattoo Placement: Upper back, across shoulder-blades 
First Met Location: Nearby Reno, Nevada (USA)
-Mirroring a cross between a Pigeon and a Phoenix--more so a Pigeon, he's nearing his dying years before rebirth. He's very old and now left with only his will and the few powers he has, his resolve for achieving greatness is unyielding. There's a burning fire inside him that never seems to have an end. While he's very set in his own "old ways", he finds kinship with Vivian, no matter how stubborn the two of them seem to be when they're at ends with each other. He likes the challenge and admires the witch's passion, as it reminds him of his glory days--which he will go on about when asked. While Agnitus is basically an old fart, he has good intentions at heart--he's just prone to being a little too judgmental and can go off the handle when not listened to. Though he and Vivian are alike, he believes in helping her learn to assess in other strengths before reaching the potential of giving a forceful attack.

He's also not above liking chocolate or any grainy sort of treat. Vivian has learned this quickly and uses this to her advantage whenever he gets testy. Old habits die hard and as the saying goes "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach..." Strangely enough, he has a Scottish accent and sounds similarly to Sean Connery.

Bullet; WhiteSpell 1: Warm Eyes (Support)Bullet; White -Mastered
With this spell, Agnitus has loaned Vivian his eyes in finding her targets, limited only to living things since this requires in tracking their body heat. This is very useful in areas that would obscure her regular sight (dark places/foggy plains/etc..), but in its early stages there are faults. With growth, she'll be able to see farther than her normal vision can as well as be able to distinguish differences in the opponents body because of the different changes in body-heat color.

-Lvl 1 - Only usable at night with a maximum range of 10 ft from her sight. She describes the sensation as seeing weird yellowish-orange-and-red blobs walking around. The shapes are a bit off and it's hard to distinguish which are actual living beings as opposed to inanimate objects giving and/or reflecting off heat. She can only hold this spell for about an hour at a time for pushing past her limit leaves her regular eyes disoriented and blurry.
-Lvl 2 - At this stage, Vivian's eyes are stronger now to see the heat during the early mornings and late afternoons--basic twilight hours--as well, and the targets are more definable. It's easier to tell the difference between what's living and what's not that's giving off heat. Her range of vision has doubled as well, extending to 20 ft.

-Lvl 3 - The spell is usable at any time of the day , extending to only a range of 40 ft. Her depth perception is better now that she's mastered this spell, and she's also able to sense or "see" the differences in a person's body temperature, knowing which is normal and which is "off". (Off being such as if they've been tainted, anything far from being fine.) She's also able to hold the sight longer now, going for about 2 hours before the dizziness mentioned before settles in.
---Note: She is able to turn this power on and off at will, going at small intervals doesn't call upon the side effects as much

Bullet; PurpleSpell 2: Plumes of Pyrrhus (Defense)Bullet; Purple
With this spell, Vivian is able to exhale plumes of smoke and heated ash. She can then mold and turn it into a small ball--no bigger than the average baseball, throwing the plumes until they explode and detonate on the intended landing mark which can be on her person or somewhere else. For instance, landing on enemies, stinging their eyes and keep them coughing while making for an effective getaway. The distance of how far these smoke bombs can go is limited by Vivian's own strength and aim with throwing.
-Lvl1- Light Smoke accumulates upon contact, loosely covering an area volume of 25 ft. It's enough to give a daze and make someone cough but not strong enough for a bigger impact, and still transparent enough to see through with some effort. The most the smoke will linger is about an hour.
-Lvl2- With some added heat, the plumes are of medium thickness, causing victims' eyes to sting and burn all the while covering an area of 50ft--which is not much bigger than the average room. With better control, she can channel the smoke and move it around the area to follow and stay on the target or stay in it's intended mark, remaining for about 2 hours.
-Lvl 3 - Thick smoke with heat and ashes sprinkled throughout, it's nearly impossible to see through with the naked eye alone. Upon Vivian's own will or outside forces (such as wind based powers blowing it away) the smoke will linger at most for 3 hours.
---Note: This spell only occurs when she's in danger, or in threat of being in danger.

Bullet; OrangeSpell 3: Plasmatic Phoenix (Offense)Bullet; Orange
Out of the three, this is her strongest spell. Agnitus explains this technique that starts with an aura of plasma (ionized gas of protons and electrons) and ends with combustion that she can channel and direct akin to a flame thrower (they look like phoenix wings). While it's easy to control it's also easy to lose control as long as Vivian keeps her head straight--which the pigeon keeps nipping in the bud as she practices this. The aura also serves as a barrier coating to keep her from burning herself, but while the fire is unstable the aura is as well and she can harm herself if not careful.

Lvl1- Around her person, Vivian can create an plasma aura. Small electrical charges are circulating throughout and can, at the very best, give off a first degree burn upon contact with second degree burns from prolonged exposure. 

Lvl2 - The aura is stronger now and highly combustible, giving off small waves of flames and electrical fire currents. It's prone to igniting and catching other flammable objects on fire. Using this too much has a cost as she hasn't learned how to keep her own clothes from catching on fire. She's able to condense the fire into burning continuously on her limbs as small tendrils with a reach that's twice the length of her arm, giving 2nd degree burns upon contact with 3rd degree burns from prolonged exposure.

Lvl 3 - At the final stage her electrical-fire aura is able to ignite the entire body, head to toe in flames with a longer reach in the arm area akin to phoenix wings, with her able to condense the fire and shoot forward in a jetstream-like fire. With a reach three times the length of her arms. Upon contact it will cause 3rd degree to 4th degree burns from prolonged exposure. Her entire body can ignite as the aura is strong enough to create a barrier over her clothes at this point. 
--Note: However this spell is ineffective against water (ie: being completely submerged in water), the most she can do is flicker in a rainstorm but it's just about as effective as trying to light a match in the rain. It works best when she's dry.

Personal Information:

Usually analyzing and serious, Vivian is blunt and straightforward with a lot of her answers, though sometimes can go over the top in detail if pressed. She's not one for dishonesty, either. She'll see right through it and is very quick to judge at that. As calm she seems to be, Vivian is also prone to being foul-tempered and a sore loser. There's a short fuse there with her which tends to cloud her judgement when she wants to just prove something. She keeps mostly a realistic point of view when it comes to figuring out how things work, a habit that has been burrowed into her mind since she was young, but she's slowly trying to accept that some things can't be explained. Key word being slowly. Still, she's rather curious about her new found powers and whatever lies beyond the horizon for this adventure.

One of her more defining flaws would be that she's stubbornly proud and believe she's right. Another would be that she can easily over-analyze a situation to where more variables appear to her instead of the simplest answer. A no nonsense kind of girl, she can sometimes come off a bit too strict or a kill joy, but she does have a fun side. It's just hidden deep down, piled underneath that serious exterior of hers. With patience, you'd have a very loyal--and a bit critical-- friend in her.

Raised in the more rural areas nearby the city of Springfield in Oregon, the most of what Vivian recalls most of her early childhood is nothing short of what anyone would deem as normal. "Normal" being raised by a single father who always quipped his "secret" to looking young was by eating his vegetables and remained mysterious about what couldn't be explained thoroughly.

Despite that, Carter tended to be quite contradicting towards her in that he didn't shed any of the truth from her with most subjects. Where did babies come from? He had an answer. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen? There was an answer for that too, so for her it was like she was living with a walking talking encyclopedia book meshed with a thesaurus that just happened to have some resemblance to her. Not a lot of kids could say that, but when she was about 5 and got curious about where her mother had went, he remained quiet. The same happened when another aspiring author who had written a novel series with witches and wizards came about, Vivian asked him if magic was real too. He didn't talk much about this fact either; Just that magic was magic and think about it however she pleased. Vivian was a curious child but often held her tongue whenever her father became tight-lipped about the one subject he never explained nor talked much about. So instead she turned to the next best thing:

Reading more books.

The books did provide a sense of middle ground, but it wasn't enough.In her teenage years she had grown to learn there was something else her father hadn't quite thoroughly explained to her. Such as why there'd be random fires here and there in areas that usually were usually damp and kept themselves flame-resistant. Which always happened whenever she was around, but Carter dismissed it as an accident, making some excuse on a whim. Sometimes she'd catch him talking to something that looked like thin air, and other days she would sense that same presence even if he wasn't around. On one occasion, she could've sworn she saw a small fat pigeon that looked to be on fire. The same mysterious being eyed her a few times when she was at the playground at school, and would be in the window before she went to sleep. Vivian relayed to her dad this discovery but every time she brought him to where she saw the wispy bird, it was gone.

Finally she gave up, figuring her dad was probably right and that there was nothing to be had with magic. The years from middle school through high school on felt a little strained now that Vivian's mind was set on a realistic point of view, but she didn't care. It made more sense to her than actually believing the abnormal could really be as normal as any other everyday thing. After finishing college and moving away from home, Vivian pursued one of the many interests she had as a child, working as a detective in Reno, Nevada. It filled in her younger desire to investigate the unknown, and she learned a good few trades out of it such as self-defense, assessing all variables of a situation, and the travel far from home wasn't bad to boot. Her earlier daydreams and conclusions as a kid about what she thought to be the biggest mystery of her younger years was far from her mind at this point.

At least until about a few weeks after her 24th birthday.

It started out as a normal case: Gather the clues, locate where the suspect was--if needed, go into a car chase after them, bring them back to the precinct, doughnuts and coffee, go home and good night. Vivian followed the same routine as usual, this case being about a mysterious looking man going about Las Vegas kidnapping unsuspecting youngsters, and hiding them somewhere near the outskirts of Reno. Normally it'd be the officers of Las Vegas that would take the case, but since it also dabbled in her city's territory as well, detectives from both cities were required. Two heads worked better than one. She was on her own at the time when driving to the next gas station to stock up supplies before heading to the destination she was supposed to meet with the other detective, but ran into a snag of a detour: Her car breaking down. She went around to check the hood of the car to see what was wrong, but was unable to lift it because a bird had perched itself on top, claiming the spot as its own. Vivian told it to shoo but when it didn't move, she made to lean forward to help brush it away.

Then the bird talked.

Whatever he said had gone in through one ear and out the window, because Vivian just stared at it. With night falling soon and her car breaking down, the last thing she needed were illusions from the heat playing tricks on her. Figuring a talking and slightly glowing pigeon was just a trick of the heat from the day, she waved the vision away. It would've worked, but the illusion remained and turned solid upon her touch. She nearly knocked the poor bird over, but he flapped right back at her, sputtering at how rude it was to knock people over without giving introductions first. Calling himself Sir Agnitus, he made it very well known that he wasn't an illusion and that he was very real, as well as that he had been eyeing her for some time. Vivian pointed out to the spirit about how creepy that was, but the old bird dismissed it as his own way of determining when she was "seasoned" enough. Before she could ask him by exactly what that had meant, Agnitus switched topics bringing to light of the current situation and offered his help. She was reluctant, obviously doubting how much help a bird could be but once Agnitus had disappeared and reappeared on her shoulder, she figured to might as well give him a shot.

Nothing else was fixing her car anytime soon, maybe she could use him as a beacon to flag someone down to give her a ride.

Agnitus told her to not worry and to walk on ahead as he had scouted out the area before his arrival, knowing the destination of the nearest gas station. The walk gave them some time to talk, Vivian slowly opening up with every question she could think of to ask him, and Agnitus calmly replied with his own answers, reaffirming and disproving some of the theories she had. By then Agnitus gave a proposal of a partnership which piqued Vivian's interest, and added that they'd be stronger together. She told him she'd think about it first, things were getting weird enough already. Finally they arrived at the gas station, but the two of them found the place to be quiet. Too quiet. No one was inside the mini-mart but there were cars parked by the stalls. Vivian and Agnitus sneaked on closer, the scene already feeling like a good case of a robbery or some sort of problem that needed police enforcement. Another man was already there, but he didn't seem to be in trouble, or causing the hold up inside. Figuring he was just another civilian caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, she signaled at him to move out of the way, but he wouldn't budge. The man seemed to be armed with his own weapon, but she still told him to leave as it was a matter of law enforcement code not to let the innocent get involved. Then he told her to leave, which set Vivian off-guard. Again, she told him to take a hike and, once again, he told her to leave, which soon spurred on a small bout of bickering between them. Their hushed argument managed to catch the attention of whomever was inside because they broke through the window, running towards the cars. Vivian and the rude man all gave chase after him, once the patrons inside the mini-mart emerged from their hiding spots unharmed, and Vivian yelled for guilty-party to freeze as she made for her gun. As it turned out, it was the suspect she had been following earlier.

But instead of getting into his getaway car, he morphed and turned into a shadow before her eyes. The sudden change made her freeze and at this Agnitus emerged from his hiding spot quickly offering his assistance, but it was too late. The other man had already taken care of it, either knowing she'd hesitate or possibly having a lucky strike in killing the mysterious shadow. Whatever traces of the being that were left had all vanished and inwardly, Vivian decided to note this whole night to be very weird. As the "savior" had expected her thanks, she left him without a word nor exchanging names. Bad enough he had taken over her case and "killed" the suspect, but he wasn't even the other detective she was supposed to be working with. Later, Agnitus calmed her down and then reminded her of his earlier proposal of a partnership which piqued Vivian's interest, her only question being what it entailed. He replied, explaining there'd be near-immortality, that he'd never leave her side and that he would give his guidance in order to make sure she wouldn't freeze up again against the shadow since there were actually more of them out there. She still wasn't sure about the whole deal he gave her, but Agnitus mentioned that her father knew very well about it all.

With some new resolve, Vivian accepted and their pact was made.

It was a hard explanation to the chief with no perpetrator in hand and having to call the case mysteriously closed, but he didn't seem to mind too much when she gave him a notice of taking some time off. Agnitus had mentioned to her the night before her resignation that there was a place somewhere they could practice magic and that her dad knew where it was. So she wrote to her dad, relaying all that had happened and in reply she received two letters: one from her dad and the other with a mysterious font giving her clues in how to find DulceDomum.

Misc. Info:
:bulletblack: Dominantly left-handed.
:bulletblack: Has a slight case of claustrophobia.
:bulletblack: She has a penchant for feather-like jewelry.
:bulletblack: The necklace she wears is actually a watch-pendant Carter gave to her when she was little. He often commented it contained a certain emblem that would help in case she was in trouble, but she didn't pay much mind to it. She kept it ever since and rarely takes it off.
:bulletblack: Her father made most of his earnings throughout the years as a professor and made no haste in feeding her brain with whatever trivia he found amusing that morning at the breakfast table during her early years.
:bulletblack: Said man also had a hand in shaping her personality while growing up, his own bluntness with most subjects had rubbed off on her.
:bulletblack: She learned a few languages from him, but not enough where she can converse well with one. She only knows a few phrases in French and Russian but that's about it. Knows more about the latter than the former of the two languages.
:bulletblack: She doesn't have an accent but her voice is pretty deep and a little hoarse.
:bulletblack: Still has some resentment towards her Dad, mostly because of the latter hiding things from her. While Carter did finally explain about their magical heritage, he still hasn't told her why he kept it secret.
:bulletblack:Her father is of mostly Russian descent with some french, while her mother was of French and Native American blood.
:bulletblack: She's well adept to using firearms and basic self-defense combat from training with the police force.
:bulletblack: That gun is hidden somewhere in her room.
:bulletblack: Action movies, Mystery Novels and Science Fiction books are her guilty pleasure, having been introduced to the latter at a young age to help her explain the weird anomalies that her dad didn't want to know was really magic.
:bulletblack: List of People She's Interacted With aka "Heart Chart"
:bulletred: Agnitus sounds like Sean Connery to her. A teasing name she gives him is Mr. Bond. He seems to like it, figuring it gives him a more stealthy like air and in turn he calls her Molotov.
:bulletred: They're weird.

Role-Play Example:
"This is...nice."

The words came out slowly, dripping with hesitance as lightened steel eyes wandered around the depths of the room. Everything around her was quiet save for the low gurgles of the slow-moving magma, safely encased in the center. A soft thud followed her bag once she let go of the straps, leaving the item where it was for a brief moment as she stepped forward to peruse her new living quarters. Three doors lied beyond the other edge of the hall, one of them lead to her new room.

"Good  to know what the favorite color is here," she added, pointedly bringing to light the heated atmosphere, deep texture of the walls and the ambiguous faint glow of golden orange amber bubbling and gurgling in the center. All of which, screamed: Red. A chuckle erupted from the back of her throat and melded into a cough as her hand, through it's own free will and by some influence of her subconscious, had fingered a around the area near the nape of her neck. Fingers brushing against her hair lightly, the cough-chuckle from before came out once again as she knew that her own deep auburn hair had added to the coincidental irony of the situation.

Just a little more red to accentuate the room.

Making her way back to her bag, picking it up from the floor and placing it back into its previous state of clinging to her back, Vivian turned around once again to look at the center pillar of the room. Her eyes lingered as her mind warily calculated to figure out when would the enchanted glass would become faulty and give way to the demanding heat it kept inside. There were no signs of it making any cracks, nor did the whole pillar bother to move. Her eyes narrowed, Vivian made her way past the pillar and off towards the left door on the other side. The dark eyes of wizards past and the gurgling lava from the large pillar were the only responses she received as she closed the door behind her.

Inventory - (Rucksack):

:bulletblack: Communication Mirror
:bulletblack: Paralyze Hex (1/1 use left)
:bulletblack: Itch Hex (1/1 use left)
:bulletblack: Sneezing Hex (1/1 use left)
:bulletblack: Acne Hex (1/1 use left)
:bulletblack: Slight Poison (1/1 use left)


House Matryoshka Doll

HouseSelf-Made Quilt (Made with Nora and Leon)


**Just updated with revised tattoo. Didn't like the old, time for new*

Vivian, Carter, and fat-burd (c) Paulagirl93

Last Update: 8/6/2014

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