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I Await a Protector by Paulagirl93
I Await a Protector
okay this is actually old--I think Early to Mid 2013????

But I forgot to upload it here. Woops.

Rory in a Harry Potter AU...As a Ravenclaw with her weird...wit. 

And her patronus is a dolphin. Dolphins seem to suit her personality wise because they're such playful and intelligent creatures.

At least Checkers is nicer than Scabbers as a pet, tho.
KW: Citlali of Totem Mountain by Paulagirl93
KW: Citlali of Totem Mountain
Name: Citlali
Age:  Currently 26
-At best she could easily pass for 18 or possibly younger due to her face and stature. She gets huffy when assumed younger than she is.
Gender: Female
Height: Prettydamnshort
Appearance: She is stockily built and rather short like a tank. All that blubber's good for the cold winters of the north! She is normally found wearing multiple layers including her top fur coat, but sometimes sheds it. Hero's Sanctum is much more warmer than she's used to.
Room Number: -Pending-

Home World: Totem Mountain (Brother Bear)

Personality: Pragmatic and ambitious, Citlali is young individual whom bears no nonsense in what she does and can seem older than she appears to be as well as older than she actually is. It's often joked she's got the cantankerous patience of an 80 year old woman inside the body of a young lady. Very spiritual, she believes everything happens for a reason and usually decides that it was The Spirits' plan if another more logical explanation isn't present. However, she does have little patience and can be easily ticked by goofy fool-hardy jokesters. She doesn't find them worth her time and will usually leave them be. She has a tribal complex in that she's used to being the one that others go to for guidance which conflicts her current situation right now that she has to ask the others for help with her keyblade's powers. Which doesn't settle well with her at all. Her curiousity weighs out her personal pride heavily and she knows well enough to ask if she needs help. As a last resort, of course.

Citlali grew up and lived within her small village within the vast vallies in the range of Totem Mountain. She was a rather quiet child, fitting in the social norm of women being seen and not heard, only spoke when spoken to directly, and followed others more domineering than herself. She found easier company with the other girls rather than the boys and was content in that lifestyle, all the way into puberty. Hormones came, developed, friendships changed all throughout and she found her once true-blue comrades marrying off as soon as they were able.

She had no interest in this, finding comfort in her solitude instead and worked on being self-sufficient. Not that it was a bad idea, it was less common for women to go through this lifestyle unless they wished to be spinsters and the token wise elders of the tribe when they neared their winter years. Citlali didn't care, as long as she was free to choose to do what she pleased. While her friends did associate with her when they could (until their personal family responsibilities distracted them away) Citlali found herself more and more learning how to provide on her own.  How to hunt, craft, weave, and so on. There were whispers from within her village and their neighboring ones about the shamanism rituals of other secluded young adults, and she happened to join in on the conversation, deciding to try out the venture for herself.  The meager skills she was learning then had helped, and she worked on them while living out on her own in the great wilderness. Being among the animals for years had given her confidence with confrontation, she learned to navigate from the starry heavens above, and at times seeked guidance from the elder of each village she passed on her travels.

One of them, she remembered from her initiation into Womanhood. The same shaman, who presented her guiding animal totem: The Snake, a spiritual animal usually alone but always near. Providing a whisper from their comfortable distance and slithering between the physical and astral planes of the world.

The older woman was quite pleased with Citlali's progress thus far, but warned--in her own eccentric way--that the woman's journey was not complete yet. While the snake was a shy animal, it's ability to travel between worlds didn't mean just this world alone. Citlali frowned at this, confused by what the woman was going on about since there were only two worlds they all knew: This one, and the Spirit world. The elder only mentioned to seek where the Lights Touch the Earth, and all shall be clear soon. Citlali left soon after, trekking high in altitude, carefully navigating her way through the colder plains. But when she reached to the top of the mountain, instead of the warm spring and comforting etheral lights she had heard from elders in her youth, she found nothing but darkess.

Utter and complete darkness.

Animals were nowhere in sight, she noticed was not a good sign. The air was cold  with a chill but the ground was barren of frost and snow, giving the appearance of a late spring earth. Instantly, she turned around, ready to head back and break from her quest, ready to warn the nearest village for help. She barely made it past the bend of trees before she tripped, falling over the edge of the cliff, into the darkness waiting below. The villages' lights nowhere in sight, Citlali couldn't see a thing for miles, not even the mittens covering her own hands, as if the darkness itself was swallowing her whole. She briefly wondered if this was the out-of-boy experience that was common during a vision quest, although those usually entailed seeing something and not nothing.  Perhaps she was dying and this was her fate to the world she knew. A quiet demure woman who failed her shaman initiation ritual with nothing left but footsteps and her pack back on the cliff.

Then, a bright light flashed before her, something resembling like a misshapened spear with stars and feathers appeared in her hands and guided her through the inky void. As her only visible tether, she held tightly, dragged by it's direction, and promptly passed out along the way.

She woke, hours later and completely dazed in a land of nothing but sunshine, grass, and a gleaming white metallic building.

Name: Borealis
Ability and Power(s): Astral Connection
-Borealis manipulates stars and constellations, giving them form as the totem animal spirits commonly seen from Citlali's homeworld. They are translucent but can easily provide just as much contact as she can, acting as a buffer against attacks. She can only summon one spirit at a time as of now, due to her level and the strain it has on her energy channel between her and the keyblade. As long as she so focuses, the astral projection will remain until the battle is over, she calls it away to project a different spirit, or if she's rendered unconscious or dead....whichever comes first. The animals do float as they are created in the image of spirits past, but will run about as how their living versions do (ie: Eagle spirit would still fly about as normal, Snake spirit would slither, Caribou gallops, Bear waddles, etc.), charging into enemies during the battle. They are as follows:
:bulletred:The Mammoth of Endurance (mirrors strength)
:bulletblue:The Bear of Love (mirrors defense)
:bulletgreen:The Caribou of Agility - mirrors stamina
:bulletpurple:The Eagle of Guidance - Mirrors magic
:bulletyellow:The Wolf of Intelligence - mirrors speed
:bulletwhite:The Serpent of Spirituality - mirrors special
So far she is only able to summon within these six animals for right now, unable to project both at a time without having to cancel the first to summon the second. She also cannot choose which animal appears, as it is at a random luck of the draw. Sometimes it'll be a wolf, sometimes it'll be a bear--it just depends.

It should also be noted that her keyblade's keychain is also a Totem of the Serpent, which was the spirit totem she was given when she was of age.

Other Tidbits:
-Citlali is Nahuatl for "Star"
-Random funfact: According to some sites on Native American Astrology, the serpent is known to be the animal most shamen were born under, hence the totem choice...among other things.
-Knows how to navigate using stars and forest region tracking.
-Very fond of animals. Growing up in the wilderness requires one to be at peace and respect nature, it's the way of her tribe.
-Can be often found meditating or smoking her pipe, it's her way of tapping into spiritual energies and is very relaxing for her. She gets more irritable without a smoke.
-Don't touch the pipe. It's a family heirloom that belonged to her grandmother.
-Ciltali is a visual learner and appreciates a good story, mostly vocal or through pictures. She can read, but gets very itchy having to read something that is just words. Because of this she can be very animated with her hands when explaining or just casual talking.
-Her spirituality is the reason her Magic and Special stats are quite high. However that does not mean she's indestructable; There's a reason why the Mage never fights the front line in a guild.
-She is terrible with technology.
-Afterarrival to Hero's Sanctum, Citlali has never interacted with the likes of modernized things before and usually steers away from them. If she has to interact with it, she will ask someone else to use it for her. (Everything breaks within radius)
-Mostly used to cold weather. The heat of the new world is killing her on the inside but she's a bit thankful for not having to wear her coat all the time anymore.
-At some point I'll draw her in a less cumbersome outfit.

-out of 16 hearts in total-

STR:  2
DEF: 1
MAG: 4
STA: 3
SPD: 2
SPE: 4

Note: These stats are on her own personal ability and skill as if she was doing one-on-one battle without the use of the keyblade's power (with the exception of special, of course). While the Mammoth has great strength, Citlali can't wrestle a live bear to the ground or bodyslam a full grown man. She does pack a mean punch, but that could be from all the fat normal womanly strength.
-Nothing so far-


Goddammit I can't stop making random characters. :iconmingplz:

Brother Bear (c) Disney
Kingdom Hearts concept (c) Square Enix/Disney
Citlali (c) Paulagirl93 
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1) You must post these rules. 
2) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
3) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
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1. What's your dream job? And are you working at it now, or working towards it?
-My dream job? I used to want to be an animator, but lately I've been wanting to d illustration or storyboarding. I think that could be fun. Or concept designing definitely. Sadly I'm not working towards it but I'd like to go back to school soon for it!

2. Could you ever see yourself as the leader of your country? Would you ever want to be?
-NAH. Ahahaha no, it'd be nice but no. No offense to President Obama, he's doing an okay job, but there's so many loopholes and hurdles in our government I'm just glad I didn't want to go the politcal career route.

3. Have you ever had to confront and overcome your worst nightmare? (being afraid of spiders doesn't count!)
-Well I once was afraid of rollercoasters, still am, but I'm finding middle ground with which "adult" ones I can ride that won't scare me to bits.

4. What smell is the worst smell in the world to you?
-Rotten Eggs, Saurkraut and Tripe. yeech.

5. Black licorice and black licorice jelly beans do not taste the same, am I right?
-I'm not a fan of licorice so I couldn't tell you, sorry.

6. Would you ever spend the night in Hotel de Glace?
-YES. DEFINITELY. It looks so pretty despite it's gotta be freezing but aaaaaah. The sculptures.

7. Who is your favourite super hero and why?
-Powerpuff Girls, most namely, Bubbles. She was the sweetest and loved animals and wasn't afraid of kicking butt and taking names.

8. What pokemon would be your ideal starter out of all the starter pokemon?
-CHARMANDER. No contest, they was the first pokemon I loved.

9. I love whales! What is your favourite species of whale?
-Do Narwhals count? If not, Killer whales.

10. What class do you usually roll in video games? (Rogue, Mage, Tank, etc.)
-UH.....I usually play Kingdom hearts but I think that can apply since there's a mixture of all three and you have to stick with a certain battle strategy. I usually go for tanking but lately I've been utilizing magic spells a mixture of the two or Rogue. Rogue Keyblade Wielder, ahahaha.

Okay. Questions.


1. Favorite color and why.
2. What is the most recent fanfiction you've read and the summary?
3. Suppose you were allowed one superpower. What would it be and why?
4. Are you more of an rp-er or artist (writing counts)?
5. Best High School Experience?
6. Worst High School Experience?
7. Favorite non-domesticated animal?
8. Your dream vacation, what is it?
9. Do you believe in Love at First sight or Instant Connection?
10. Can you touch your toes?

and I tag


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